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Technical expertise and services

US GROUP is a design and construction management company that provides technical expertise and resources to partners on projects that promote sustainable growth and meaningful opportunities for people to improve their lives. Our capabilities include design and construction of vertical and horizontal structures, operation and maintenance of projects and warranty management

 Design & Engineering

With an in-house design team composed of over 8 surveyors, designers and architects each with 5-15 years of experience. We have designed 3 complex projects featuring multiple facilities, utilities, helipad areas and other site development works. We can assist you in realizing your design dream, by implementing efficient solutions.

 International Construction Management

Our flat and decentralized structure enables us to precisely and quickly implement any construction project within budget. We have decentralized and kept our efforts focused on projects underway. We are doing this through our regional coordination centers in Kabul, Kandahar, Logar,   Mazar-e-Sharif and Nangarhar provinces. We currently manage 5 projects, 4 construction subcontractors, 9 suppliers, three geotechnical subcontractors, demining and security providers. Our planning engineers, procurement, quality and safety personnel are deployed in the coordination centers mentioned. These personnel are responsible to supervise and control project efforts to minimize or eliminate the need for the clients to control the project.

 Operations & Maintenance

We have the expertise and necessary organizational resources to support any large operation and maintenance of project in an effective manner. We have the experience of providing operation and maintenance services for one of the largest road projects in Afghanistan funded by USAID. This project which stretches from west to south and southeast and ends in north, covered almost 75% of Afghanistan.

 Heavy Civil / Horizontal Construction

As one of our core specialties, US GROUP has performed heavy civil and horizontal construction work on tens of miles of highways and roadways.

To support this work, we also self-perform the ancillary work including utilities (wet, dry, underground, etc.), concrete, site work, and excavation.

Unique In-House Design Capabilities for Faster Project Delivery

With in-house design capabilities, we fast track design to obtain construction approval as early, often at the 35% design stage. While other firms must spend the time to find a design partner, US GROUP can hit the ground running and more effectively phase construction work onsite in conjunction with design activities. This defining strength of our team, assures that no delays occur in the fast-track delivery process.

The main Activities of the Construction Section are as below:

  • Building Base.
  • Building Storage Places.
  • Building Houses
  • Building Roads and highways
  • Building Schools.
  • Building Complexes.
  • Infrastructure Work.
  • Bridge and structures.
  • Building hospital and clinic.
  • Building barracks
  • Design and installation of ALCOBAN and Glass for buildings
  • And any kind of Buildings according to the order of our clients.